Berry Banana Antioxidant Booster

This smoothie will rock your taste buds along with your morning duties. Loaded with bright colors and antioxidants plus energizing cacao, this is an easy to do and extra special treat for any time of the day!

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Skyrocket Aztec Hot Chocolate

Oh Yeah...WHO doesn't love hot chocolate? And this one is power packed with nutrients - sans the usual dairy and sugar overload of your 'typical' hot chocolate has. This is one of my faves for sure!

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ImmuniTea Tonic

This specific combination can help support and strengthen the body's natural immune functions on all levels. The more comfortable you become working with teas in this way, the more creative you will get in blending a variety of herbs, barks, berries, spices, and medicinal mushrooms together.

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Vanilla Shake

Vanilla is one of my all time favorite flavors. It's a special and beautiful vine AND it's good for your immunity! Here's just one of the ways you can use you grow to love Vanilla don't be surprised if you start adding it to everything!

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Superfood Smoothie Deluxe

This one is a full on meal all on its own and a great way to get a massive dose of nutritional love into your system. If you don't have all the ingredients, check out my products section, or check out: They have it all!

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Cinnamon Fiber C

Excellent source of Vitamin C with a tart green cinnamon burst of flavor!

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Goji Juice and Brain Tonic

 This is so simple, it's almost hard to believe. Plus it's delicious, refreshing and super nourishing. You can drink it alone or add it as the base to your favorite smoothies and elixirs!

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Warming & Simple Squash

Try this great seasonal. Squash dish. It's delish, filing and nourishing!

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Berry Green Smoothie

Try this fruity green smoothie in the morning or for an afternoon snack!

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Sunflower Banana

This is a delicious easy to swallow green smoothie. A great way to start your morning!

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"I loooove your classes, not just because they are so creative and beautiful and challenging and always make me want to ASPIRE, but there is something about you and the vibe you give off.  I am a better, more generous person because of your teaching. Thank you!    " - Cybele Fishman
"I work in a pretty intense environment and your classes really help me to decompress and get rid of stress from the day. I like the intensity, the pace, that it's different every time I go, and the music you play is great! I also have a ton of energy after your class and I'm usually exhausted after work so that is huge for me." - Alisa Margulies
"Aarona's yoga classes are an original, deep, powerful, ever-changing escape from the ordinary. I' m always surprised, challenged and never get bored!" - Jared Hendler
"Aarona, I'm a new yoga teacher and what I most get from allowing you and yoga into my life is that we are all one in the universe and that we can all learn from each other and grow. I also enjoy reading your newsletter - very informative and inspiring!" - Michelle Mattern
"Aarona's classes offer inspiring instruction and presence, unique sequencing, and great music!" - Danielle Dugan
"I feel more energized, focused and overall balanced. The weight loss is 'just' an added value. The 'lifestyle program' is one of the best investments in myself I have ever made. It is not a diet but a meaningful way of life by understanding food and nutrition, my body and its needs and by using food to my body's benefit rather then its demise.    " - Nic Steinberg
"Aarona represents freedom and love!" - Julie Dhorman
"I've been practicing with Aarona since 2007. She's consistently one of my favorite teachers. With many great qualities, what stands out most is her dedication to & passion for yoga & her lifestyle. She's truly living her bliss. It's refreshing to see, inspiring to be around & encourages me with my own passions. I will continue to be one of her students for a long time." - Ken Knowlton
"Thank you for today's class. I had discomfort in my upper back (unusual for me!) and now the pain is gone and my spirit is in sync with the peace my body is feeling. Thanks for the way you make me feel after class. Your teaching always stays with me. You encourage us and motivate us. Yet you are so patient and kind, always with a smile. I truly appreciate all that you give to us." - Jackie Burt
"Great class tonight, you are such an amazing teacher. I really appreciate the creativity & intelligence you put into each class to make it unique & help me to realize a different way to flow, different challenges, different pleasures, differents sensations, different insights, every time! I left class floating with joy. Thank you thank you!!!" - Hikari Yokoyama
"Aarona's work has been educational and accessible. Numerous students have come to us with positive feedback and reports of changes they've made to their lifestyle/diet/yoga practice as a result of their work with Aarona. Her passion and experience combines with her knowledge to yield a great force of healing." - Elena Brower
"My life has opened so beautifully since working in this program with Aarona. I 've gained new insight into both my physical and emotional health. I've learned to listen to my body's needs how to use the tools that bring me into balance. This program offers a practice about nurturing and healing the self as it naturally forms into lifestyle habits." - Susan Cianciolo
"Aarona’s classes give you a strong, powerful workout. Her adjustments are great and the feeling of her class is blissful and sensual. She teaches you to breathe deeply, bringing you to a calm, meditative mind while doing a super sweaty workout.

" - Joe Treger

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